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  • Our mission is to change the customer/contractor relationship. We believe the experience of getting your dream building should be exciting, enjoyable, and fun. All of us are customers, for various things, every single day. We would never be satisfied with a waiter that was rude, a hotel that canceled our reservations without notice or a grocery store manager that yelled at us. And we believe you shouldn’t have to put up with contractors that lie about deadlines, leave your property a mess, and lowball the price to get your job, then look for every possible reason to back charge you, all while treating you like a you’re ignorant because you don’t do construction for a living.


4 Reasons Advantage Metal Buildings is your Best Choice in Clifton, TX & Waco, TX


  1. Unlimited customer support. From the first time you contact us, through as long as you own your building, we are never more than a phone call away. Call us today for new year pricing deals 254-300-8798


  1. Friendly professional staff and top-quality affordable products. The old saying you get what you pay for is never truer than in the construction industry, but that doesn’t mean you should have to put your contractor’s kids through college. It’s easy to cut corners and drive prices down, we see it all the time with the never-ending cheap junk for sale at stores today. That’s fine if you are buying a widget to keep your ink pens in, it’s not what you want for a building that you will have and use for years to come. We only use top of the line products, techniques, and trained professionals, yet because we don’t believe that you must lose for us to win, we still provide clear, comprehensible, reasonable prices.


  1. Make your vision a reality.  Every customer is different and has different vision of what the perfect building is. You shouldn’t be pressured into settling for cookie cutter products that aren’t what you want, you also shouldn’t be forced to make hundreds of stressful decisions about things you don’t really care about.  Whether you are looking for a simple, common style building, a custom masterpiece built exactly to your vision or somewhere in between, we give you as much or as little involvement in the design, decision and construction process as you desire.


  1. Quick, easy, price estimates. There is nothing we hate more than when we can’t find the price for something we need to buy. We understand this may be the first building you’ve ever had built and may have no idea what the price will be. That’s why we created our online metal building prices estimator, so you can get a quick and easy idea of what your project will cost. It’s not possible to include ever option available, but you shouldn’t have to blindly call contractors, hoping one will bother to call you back, to start planning your dream building.   



What we do for you.

  • Custom metal buildings.

    We specialize in custom turnkey metal buildings in Clifton and Waco Texas and the surrounding areas. We also travel all over the state. With over 20 years of expertise and experience, we have been constructing metal buildings most of our lives including:

  1. Shops
  2. Garages
  3. Agricultural Buildings
  4. Warehouses
  5. Storage Sheds
  6. Metal Houses
  7. Commercial Buildings
  8. Mini Storage
  9. Car Ports
  10. And much more
  • Concrete construction.

    We are a full-service concrete contractor in Clifton, TX & Waco, TX providing all types of concrete foundations, and concrete flatwork including:

  1. Metal Building Foundations
  2. House Foundations
  3. Concrete Driveways
  4. Concrete Patios
  5. Concrete Sidewalks
  6. Concrete Parking Lots
  7. Concrete Retaining Walls
  • Land Clearing and Preparation

    We offer a wide variety of construction services to get your land ready to build on including:

  1. Site evaluation
  2. Soil analysis
  3. Brush and tree removal
  4. Water and drainage control
  5. Soil replacement  
  6. Pad construction
  7. Gravel driveways and parking

    Call today if you are looking for any of these services in the Clifton and Waco, TX area.    

(254) 300-8798

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