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Concrete metal building foundations is our top selling service.   Not only do we pour foundations for our own buildings, we provide foundations for many other contractors as well.  With standard 5” and heavy duty 6”+ options we can accommodate whatever needs you have. All of our buildings include 3000psi high strength concrete, glassy smooth hard trowel finish that’s easy to clean and oil resistant, heavy 6mil vapor barriers, 1.5” water stop ledges and 24” exterior footings.  Curing compound to reduce cracking is also standard. We are also happy to install a top-quality foundation for any kit building on the market. So, if you want to “Do it yourself”, you can rest sound at night knowing you are building on a foundation that will last for decades.

The last thing a new business needs is to have to close for foundation repairs. Shopping centers, restaurants, retail space, apartments, driveways and parking lots.  If you are in the commercial market for top quality concrete work, we are your one stop shop. We have experience with everything from Walmart shopping centers to mom and pop hometown restaurants.   Start your business off on the right foot.

Whether you are looking to build a new home or add on to an existing home, we can make you vision a reality.  Our house foundation options are virtually unlimited. We build your foundations at or above your builders specifications including minimum 3000psi high strength concrete, smooth hard trowel finish, heavy 6mil vapor barriers, spray on pretreatment to stop termites, 24” minimum footings throughout, and strict dimension and squareness tolerances.  We have years of experience in the custom home foundation market all around Waco, Clifton and central Texas.  Don’t have a General Contractor yet? We can help there too.  We work with some of the top builders in the area.

If you work in industry you know how important keeping work flowing is.  In-service Industrial Concrete is one of our specialties. We work together with manufactures and industrial customers to ensure downtime is eliminated or minimized, as well as deadlines met.  If you are leasing new space or adding equipment to an existing location, we can help you make the process as easy and seamless as possible. We are OSHA compliant and carry 2 million in liability insurance year-round. Insurance coverage can be increased as needed for large projects.

Rugged durability is what the agricultural concrete world is all about. We understand the tough environment you work in and that you need your concrete projects to be just as strong and versatile. Whether it’s livestock buildings with extreme aggressive texture for grip in the sloppiest of conditions, or equipment storage buildings with high walls and large doors we can help you stay productive with the concrete you need.

Driveways are the first thing people see when they come to your house. Unfortunately, often they are not the most beautiful part.  The good news is the difference between Eye catcher and Eyesore is only a matter hiring contractors with the proper experience and who take pride in their work.  There are many options available to make your home the talk of the town, including stains, dyes, stamps, and scored patterns. We have poured 100s of thousands of sq. ft of driveway and take pride in making it beautiful and durable for years to come.  Our driveways start at 4” think, with #3 rebar on 18” centers (not cheap lightweight wire mesh) and a light broom finish for beauty and wet weather traction.

Truck scale foundations are one of our more niche specialties. We can install scale foundations for all the major manufacturers anywhere in Texas.  We pour all monolithic foundations for increased strength with pinpoint accuracy on both end-to-end levelness, squareness, and step-down height to ensure your scales are an easy drop-in fit. We permanently mark pier/footing locations on the washout pit, so there is never any second guessing on scale orientation.  Because we use a monolithic pour your total project time can be reduced by as much as 2 weeks allowing you to get paid faster.

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